Malachi 1: False offerings = False worship


(14 verses, 2:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

The Lord rebukes the priests for their polluted offerings.


1:1 – “Malachi” could be the name of a person, or it could refer to an anonymous prophet, for Malachi means “my messenger”.

2-5:  Alluding back to his choosing of Jacob (Israel) over Esau (Edom) the Lord reminds Israel of his promise to love them and keep them (Gen 25).  Edom’s doom is pronounced in the Lord’s choosing of Israel, so that though Edom attempt to rebuild their cities and fortifications as Israel had done, they will come to naught.

6-14:   In these verses the Lord rebukes the priests for their careless worship of the Lord God.  The priests had thought that the Lord would not regard how they had used profaned offerings, blind, sick, or lame animals (vs. 8), or even stolen animals (vs. 13).  This was bad enough, but through their example the people were taught to despise the Lord’s table, that it really did not matter and that it could be neglected.  These wicked priests not only drag themselves down by their thoughtless and slovenly worship, but they drag down those whom they are to care for as well.  By their example they incite false belief and faithlessness among the people.

The Lord reminds them in his rebuke that the day will come when incense will be offered to his name all over the earth and not only in Israel (vs 11), a prophecy of the coming of the kingdom of Christ.  With this in mind, should not the priests offer their sacrifices with a faithful heart, in fear of the Lord who is a great King (vs. 14)?  Indeed in a mere 430 years from the wiring of this letter, the Christ would be born, who would be the faithful High Priest for us, and also the unblemished Sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Lord Jesus, you are the great High Priest and Sacrifice for our sins. Help us to worship you in Spirit and in truth, not taking your preaching and sacraments for granted, but ever giving thanks for these gracious saving gifts which you give for our salvation.  In your Name. Amen.


Pr. Brandon Ross

Faith Lutheran Church – Johnstown, Colorado



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