Psalm 25: David’s Prayer in Every Kind of Trouble

(22 verses, 1:55 to read)
What I am about to READ
  • David is praying with every trouble, asking the Lord for His help in trouble.


  • This Psalm is a partial acrostic; the first letter of each verse (almost) makes the Hebrew alphabet. (There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.)
  • Psalm 25 is difficult to categorize because there are so many various petitions, like the litany and the Lord’s Prayer.


  • Notice how the Psalm moves from promise to petition. The prayers of David flow from the promises of God. This is wonderful instruction for our own prayers.


  • Consider 25:14, and the phrase “friendship with God.”
  • Compare the petitions of this Psalm with seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. Can you find all seven petitions in this Psalm?
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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

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