Psalm 24: Lift Up Your Heads, O Gates

Originally posted by Pastor Flamme on September 26, 2014

(10 verses, 1:02 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • This psalm points to the coming Messiah who will enter into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.


  • All creation belongs to the Lord (1-2).
  • A Question is asked concerning the One who will stand in the presence of the Lord (3).
  • An Answer about the purity, honesty, and righteousness of this Man (4-6).
  • Praise for the King of Glory, the Lord of Hosts, who enters to overcome sin, death, and the devil (7-10).


  • We pray this psalm in conjunction with Psalm Sunday.
  • All of creation is contrasted with the holy hill of the Lord. Not everyone can stand in the Lord’s presence upon the hill save Jesus who alone is sinless.


  • Christ entered into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to do battle with powers that hold us in bondage. Though his appearance was lowly and humble, the people thronged around him shouting, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.” Jesus came, not as a worldly war hero, but as a suffering servant. The Lord of Hosts shows his power in weakness. By his death he overcame death.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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