Nehemiah 9: Israel’s Confessional Service

(39 verses, 7:32 to read)


What I am about to READ:

  • The people here the Lord’s Word and repent in this monumental service of confession and repentance.


  • Here is an outline of the chapter:
    • 1-2: Introduction: Who, what, when, where
    • 3: The people listened to the Scriptures for four hours.
    • 4-5a: The priests call the people to prayer.
    • 5b-37: The Prayer of the Priests in which the people’s foolishness and the Lord’s faithfulness are put forth
    • 38: The people, noting the Lord’s faithfulness, make a covenant with the LORD.
  • The great prayer of this chapter serves as an inspired summary of the history of Israel. It is like the cliff notes of the Old Testament, and reminds us of the Sermon of Stephen in Acts 7.
  • We see here how the history of the LORD’s mercy, and the Scriptures, inform our prayers.


  • Our prayers are shaped by the Scriptures. Notice how the people spent a quarter of the day listening to the Lord’s Word, and then a quarter of the day praying to the Lord. It is a good custom for us also to hear the Lord’s Word, and then offer our prayers to the Lord which grow out of the Scriptures.

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Lord’s Blessings,
Pr Bryan Wolfmueller Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO


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