Psalm 20: Rejoice in the Lord your God


(9 Verses, 0:40 to read)

What I am about to READ

This psalm of David extols the Lord God who alone is the security of nations


The first few verses (1-5) address the king of Israel, in this case David.  The people petition God to send the king help from the sanctuary, the tabernacle of God on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, the place where God put his name.

The banners mentioned in verse five are indicative of victory over one’s enemies.  Here military victory is indicated, but also salvation wrought by God in toto is also meant. The people ask God to carry out the plans of the king, but also to work his own will through his servant, the king.

Ultimately victory over one’s enemies is not from the use of chariots or horses (vs. 7) but from trust in the Lord God who is alone able to grant victory over one’s enemies.  One’s confidence should not be in the crafts of man, but in the word and promises of God, especially in terms of eternal salvation.  Faith in the promises of God cause one to “rise and stand upright” (vs. 8).


Lord God you have put kings and princes in authority over us as your servants, who administer justice and keep the peace.  Hear us when we pray for them.  Give to them wisdom which comes only from you that our days may ones of peace and harmony. For the sake of the King of Kings our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


Pr. Brandon Ross

Faith Lutheran Church, Johnstown, Colorado


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