Psalm 19: The Treasure of the Lord’s Instruction

Reposted from Pastor A. Brian Flamme

(14 verses, 1:22 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The works of the Lord are known both through the testimony of nature and the Torah. The Torah reveals both God’s demands of righteousness through the Law and hope of deliverance from sin through the Gospel.


  • The Testimony of Nature (1-6)
  • Meditation on the Treasure of the Torah (7-11)
  • Prayer for Atonement (12-14)


  • What can we learn about God from the heavens and sky? We learn that he is glorious and mighty. Only a fool can look at these wondrous sights and say, “There is not God” (Ps. 14:1). The voice of God’s working in the world goes throughout the world. Only a liar can deny it. But what can we say about this God outside of his glory and might? How does he feel about us? His Word, his instruction, teaches us that his demands are both beautiful and terrible. They are righteous and they condemn our unrighteousness. Thus, we are left with no other recourse but to pray for salvation from sin as David teaches us at the end of the psalm.


  • Why does David ask, “Who can discern his errors?” What does this teach concerning the problem of sin’s corruption?
  • When we pray against sin, we are praying for Christ. We pray that we would see Jesus and his atoning sacrifice that quenched God’s wrath against our errors and hidden faults.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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