Psalm 16: “In Your Presence is Fullness of Joy”

Repost from Pr. Wolfmueller:

(11 verses, :46 to read)
What I am about to READ
  • This Psalm of David is a beauty. It is a special comfort to the sick and dying. Verse 10 is a promise of the resurrection of Jesus!


  • The Psalm alternates between prayer and preaching. (One of the most important questions we ask when reading the Psalms is “Who is speaking to whom?”)


  • Psalm 16:10 is quoted in Acts 2:3 and Hebrews 13:20, and from this text we teach that Jesus body, in the grave, did not decay.
  • All throughout the Psalms the godly are distinguished from the ungodly by their faith (consider 16:2, 4, 8). This is what Luther is talking about when he says, “The entire Psalter (i.e. book of Psalms) is nothing more than an exposition on the First Commandment.”


  • Consider 16:2. What do we consider good apart from God?
  • Consider 16:11, a beautiful bunch of promises contained in a prayer. This is a wonderful verse to memorize.
  • What does it mean to “set the Lord before” us (18:8)?
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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

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