Psalm 15, Who Dwells on the Lord’s Holy Hill?

(5 verses, 0:25 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • What is required to be in the Lord’s Presence? Perfect obedience to the Law.


  • The tent is the tabernacle of the Lord. The Lord is present among his people in the tabernacle. The holy hill is Mount Zion, where the temple would be built.
  • To withstand the holy presence of the Lord, perfect obedience to the Law is necessary.
  • The psalm goes back and forth through positive and negative examples of one who loves his neighbor as himself.


  • This psalm of David looks forward to the Messiah who will embody the righteousness demanded in these verses.
  • Jesus is our tabernacle. His body, the holy Christian Church, is where the people of God gather in holiness and righteousness.
  • The verses also describe the life of Christians, those who have been given Jesus’ righteousness as a gift in their baptism. We are the ones who gladly do the Law for the good of our neighbor.
  • Verse five teaches that we should not charge interest.


  • As we hear the demands of righteousness in these verses, what does that say about our day to day life? Do we, as Christians, embody the righteous deeds and shun what is warned against? This is an opportunity to examine ourselves and repent of sin.
  • Jesus has done all these things. He walked blamelessly, spoke truth, feared the Lord, and never took a bribe. He is the one who “shall never be moved.” Jesus remains our steadfast Savior in a world that is fading into the blackness of death because of sin. He proves it to you Sunday after Sunday when you return to your baptism in repentance and hear the absolution of your sins for Jesus’ sake.

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-Pr. Flamme


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