Psalm 13: The Lord has dealt bountifully with me.


(6 verses, 0:42 to read)

What I am about to READ

  • David cries out in frustration and confesses his faith.


  • David was violently perused by Saul. In the same way, persecution comes hand in hand with being a faithful child of God in every age.


  • The afflictions we undergo tempt us to think that the Lord has forgotten us. It seems like he withholds his favor from us. But the saints, instead of despairing, cry out to the Lord saying, “How long?” This is a question of anticipation, of holding God accountable to his promises.
  • The promised salvation of the Lord is remembered at the end of the psalm. David is comforted by the Gospel, not an immediate display of God’s power.
  • Catechism connection: 7th Petition


  • What do you think? At what point do our cries of anguish cease to be godly and become sinful?
  • Remember: “I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me” (13:6).


  • The Lord lights up our eyes. He fills them with the radiance of Christ’s resurrection, he strengthens our soul when we hear that this Man has lived and died that you might have life eternal. Nothing can take that away from you. When suffering lingers, the promises of the Lord remain our one unshakable comfort that will ultimately lead us from death to life.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Post below.

-Pr. Flamme


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