Psalm 12: A Prayer for Help in Times of Wickedness

Repost from Pr. Wolfmueller:

(8 verses, 1:02 to read)


What I am about to READ 

  • Psalm of David. A meditation on the nature of the wicked and the authority of the Lord’s Word.


  • This Psalm has a fairly complex outline to match its compact theme.
  • Who is talking to whom?
    • 1-2 prayer to the Lord
    • 3-4 the words of the wicked
    • 5 the Lord’s response
    • 6 sermon extolling the Lord’s Word
    • 7 prayer
    • 8 summary


  • Compare 2-4 with 5-6, the wicked are trying to overthrow the world with their words, but the righteous overcome by the Lord’s words.
  • Consider verse 4. Like in Psalm 10 and 11, the wicked man thinks that he is his own Lord.


  • Reflect on verse 6, this short and beautiful meditation on the Lord’s Word. In the Psalm it applies directly to the Lord’s promise in verse 5.
  • Compare 12:8 to 11:3, the wicked are always attacking the Lord’s institutions and trying to destroy His gracious ordering of the world, and when this happens there is no peace.

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller

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