Esther 6: The ironic twist of the story…


What I am about to READ

Haman’s politicking go unrewarded in the ironic twist of the Book of Esther.


Context of chapter 6:  Haman, the king’s advisor, had been plotting to destroy the Jews of the kingdom because of the slight that he received from the Jew Mordecai, who had previously saved the king from an assassination plot.  Haman then issued a decree in the name of the king that in the coming months all Jews were to be destroyed and their assets seized. This caused Mordecai to go to the city gate and mourn in sackcloth.

Chapter 6:

  • The king cannot sleep and sends for the records of the mighty deeds of the kingdom, that they might be read to him.  In them he hears once again of the deed of Mordecai, who had saved his life.  He then seeks to honor him in some way.
  • The king calls in Haman, who wishes to destroy Mordecai, and asks him “What should be done to the man who the king delights to honor?”  (vs. 6) Thinking that the king spoke of him, he lists numerous honorable things, including wearing the king’s clothing and riding his horse, honors that imparted a portion of the king’s fame and honor to him upon which it is bestowed.
  • Ironically, Haman named the honor which the king would give to the man he hated, Mordecai, and he put him in charge of carrying out this great honor for him. BURN!
  • Haman then goes back to his house “mourning, with his head covered” (vs. 12) that all his plotting had been in vain, and that the divination he had divined, which had promised him favor had been wrong and for nothing (3:7).
  • Mordecai is the example of fidelity and fiath in the this chapter.  He implores God with repentance and faith, wearing sackcloth, and God in his mercy not only delivers him and all Jews in the kingdom, but honors him above all those who plotted against him.


Lord God, all things are in your hands.  Though I may plot and seek to rule my own destiny and be the captain of my soul, you are He who rules all things, even my soul. This is a mercy and not a burden.  I pray that you would bring all things, even the hurtful things to my good, for the sake of your son Jesus. Amen.


Pr. Brandon Ross

Faith Lutheran Church – Johnstown, CO


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