Esther 2: Xerxes’ Search for a Bride and Foiled Plot

(23 verses, 4:34 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • After Queen Vashti’s insubordination and dismissal, a search is made for a new queen. Esther, an Israelite woman of the tribe of Benjamin, whose family did not go back to Jerusalem after Cyrus’ proclamation, is in the running for the king’s favor. A plot on the king’s life is also discovered and the criminals were executed.


  • vv. 1-11: A search is made for a new queen throughout all the provinces of the kingdom. Among them is Esther, a daughter of the tribe of Benjamin. Her uncle and adoptive father tells her to keep her Israelite heritage a secret. This adds to the intrigue of the story of Esther.
  • vv. 12-18: Esther is in competition with many other young, beautiful virgins for the king’s favor. She does not overly adorn herself as did the rest of the harem. She was modest, and this is perhaps one of the qualities that the king found attractive. As a result, Esther is chosen to be queen.
  • vv. vv.19-23: Mordecai, Esther’s uncle and adoptive father, discovers a plot on the king’s life during this time. Mordecai reports it to Esther, who reports it to Xerxes.


  • As we learned with Joseph in Egypt, God provides for His people in times of great need. In the case of Esther, a daughter of the same tribe as King Saul, God continues to care for her, even though she did not return with the exiles to Jerusalem. In the same way, over the course of the chapter, we will see how God uses Esther’s position as queen to protect the Israelite exiles from extermination. God guides the course of history for the benefit of His people. This happens in ways that are sometimes unperceived by us, which is why the Scriptures are such an encouragement to us. The ultimate way in which God guided the course of history to save His people was by sending Jesus into our flesh to suffer and die under Pontius Pilate, that we might have life everlasting.


  • Prayer: O God, your Son, Jesus Christ, has ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God. Teach us to know that He rules all things for our benefit in heaven and on earth. Amen.

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