2 Timothy 3: The Word, the Word, the Word

(17 verses, 1:45 to read)


What I am about to READ

In this chapter, God through Paul gives Timothy and all Christians stern, detailed warning on who to avoid in order to avoid great temptation and other disasters. God through Paul also provides the way out by pointing Timothy to what he has heard preached by Paul, that is, the Word of God.


1-9: God through Paul here warns of such people to avoid in the later days. Sadly, this list seems so innocuous in 2015. Indeed many of these are lauded, praised, and placed on T.V. for our entertainment in these last days. It must also be said that these seem so innocuous to us also because we have convinced ourselves of their harmlessness. However, all break the 1st Commandment, exposing a lack of fear, love, and trust in God above all things.

10-17: In the second half of the chapter, God through Paul places Timothy and through him all Christians opposite such as these because Christians are those who live by the teaching of the prophets and the apostles, with Christ as the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20). Paul is also very honest about the suffering of Christians in this world. The suffering could be emotional, psychological, spiritual, or even physical, but it will come to those who set themselves apart from the world that loves only self. Thankfully, the Lord has not left us without a witness: His holy, precious Word, which is not only profitable for teaching, but also, thank God, profitable for reproof, correction, and training for righteousness (verse 16).


Dear Father in heaven, have mercy on us poor sinners. Keep us from all great sin and vice in these last days. Finally, bring us to your side on that great last day. In Christ’s holy name. Amen.

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-Pastor Weslie Odom


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