Zechariah 8: The Zion to Come

(23 verses, 3:30 to read)


What I am about to READ

The Lord promises coming prosperity to Jerusalem.


This chapter, which is a series of oracles given through the prophet Zechariah, contrasts the chastisement which God imposed on his people of old because of their sins, and the blessings which he will pour out upon Judah and Jerusalem in the future.

The people had been brought into captivity in Babylon.  This was to due to the peoples idolatry and their forgetting of God’s ways.  There they endured the chastisement and function of the law which brings about repentance.  The Lord will now be gracious to them and show them blessings both spiritual and temporal.  He will be their God, forgive them their sins, and also bring them into their promised land, where their people will live to an old age and children will play in their streets (vs. 5).

As in all cases of the proclamation of the gospel and the forgiveness of sins, it is the Lord alone who will save his people.  It is not due to man’s good intentions, decisions or merits, but because of the loving purposes of God who saves because of his grace and mercy: “so I have purposed in these days to bring good to Jerusalem and to the house of Judah: fear not.” (vs. 15).

But this will not be for Judah and Jerusalem alone.  Vs. 23 promises that those who are not of the line of Abraham will be included in the faith of Abraham.  Those of other nations will “take hold of a Jew, saying ‘let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you'”(vs. 23).  Indeed many languages were spoken at Pentecost (Acts 2) and indeed every language now confessed that Jesus is Lord.  God has blessed all the nations of the Earth in the person of Jesus, who is crucified and risen for the sins of the whole world and incorporated by the faith of Abraham.


Lord God, you cast down and you raise up.  You accuse me with your righteous law, which I have not kept.  But you promise me forgiveness of sins and life everlasting in the person of Jesus.  Help me to realize this and to bear good fruit which you have prepared for me to do. Amen.


Pr. Brandon Ross

Faith Lutheran Church – Johnstown, CO



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