1 Timothy 2: Prayer and the Adornment of Women

Re-posted from Pr. Flamme

(15 verses, 1:05 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Paul begins to instruct Timothy.


  • Instructions for Prayer (1-8)
  • Instructions for Women (9-15)


  • The “good warfare” that Timothy is wage begins with prayer. Rather than keeping our petitions for God’s favor selfishly to ourselves, Paul commands the church to pray for “all people” (vs. 1). This especially includes “kings and all who are in high positions.” We pray that conduct themselves in their vocation according to God’s will for one primary reason, that we “lead a peaceful and quiet life.” When wicked people disturb the peace, when violence is visited upon the innocent, there is little freedom to preach the Gospel. With peace comes an opportunity for God’s Word to be proclaimed. So you can see that Paul is indeed asking for Timothy and his church to pray for that which is most helpful to the Apostolic and Pastoral offices.
  • In this chapter we find a seat for the doctrine that God wills all men to be saved (vs. 3). This comforts Christians especially since it means that your salvation for Christ’s sake is not contrary to God’s will. You heavenly Father loves you. He sent his Son to die for your sin, to set your conscience free from guilt, to promise you eternal life. There’s nothing in Scripture that says you should doubt God’s will to save you.
  • Paul’s comment about men praying in an orderly way, without “anger or quarreling,” gives the apostle reason to transition into the topic of a woman’s place in the Church. What makes a woman pleasing to God? Certainly it’s not the quality of her clothing, the price she paid for her purse, or the time she took getting ready in front of the mirror. The “respectable apparel” that Paul finds most valuable and beautiful are “good works.” Whenever a mother wipes her child’s nose, whenever a daughter listens to her mother’s request to clean her room, whenever a sister prays for her siblings, a woman does God’s will according to her vocation. Not only do the works serve her neighbor’s needs, they also “profess godliness.” The works teach others about what God truly values.
  • Paul’s words concerning headship in the home and Church are clear. Men are given the task of teaching while women have the honor of learning. Think about how Mary sat at Jesus’ feet to hear Jesus’ doctrine (Luke 10:38-42). Now Paul’s words about women being saved through childbearing are difficult to piece together, but let’s remember the context of Eve’s sin. Perhaps Paul’s point is that Eve was saved through childbearing because she was the origin of the Messiah’s line through which the Satan’s head would be crushed. Think about the honor that this gives to childbearing in general!


  • Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach us to pray for those in authority according to your will so that your Gospel may be given free course to proclaim your desire to save all men from their sins. Amen.

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-Pastor A. Brian Flamme


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