Acts 28: Paul’s (un)successful journey

Reposted from Pastor Ross

(31 verses, 3:10 to READ)


  • What I am about to READ
    The final chapter of the book of Acts, centered on Paul’s final journey to Rome.


  • Paul’s shipwreck on Malta ends with the native people’s marveling at the miraculous healings of Paul.  As Jesus healed the masses out of love, so does Paul by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • When Paul reaches Rome, he is put under house arrest and from there preaches his gospel of the kingdom to the peoples there. He is successful in converting some, but as the chapter tells us, “others disbelieved.” Lest we think that Paul had something up his sleeve that automatically convinced every one of the truth of the gospel, we are reminded here that the people will stubbornly resist hearing the good news of the forgiveness of sins.  Though not mentioned in the Acts account, tradition says that Paul was later martyred for the faith in Rome before the very Caeser whom he appealed to.


  • Lord God, we have no power of ourselves except that which comes by your Word.  Help us to trust in you and your word alone, that it would convert the unbeliever, restore the repentant, and bring the sinner to repentance.  Bless all your proclaimers of your Word, that they would remain faithful to the Savior whom they preach.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Pr. Ross

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