Zechariah 5: Visions of Curses and Wickedness

(10 verses, 1:43 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Zechariah is given a vision of a flying scroll and a woman in a basket.


  • (v. 1-4)–The flying scroll
    • The angel transitions from chapter four and the vision of the golden lampstand directly into the vision of the flying scroll.
      • In the past Jeremiah was to write all the words of God upon a scroll and Ezekiel was told to devour one.  So this is not the first time that a scroll has been used in a prophetic way; and the people of Israel would have known this.
    • This scroll is huge; 30 ft by 15ft, with writing on both sides.  Such a scroll is absurd.  But this is to show the completeness of the scroll.  Its dimensions also are the same as the dimensions of the Holy Place in the temple.
    • The purpose of this scroll is to cover all the wicked who seek to steal and give false witness.  Surely these two specific sins, although egregious, are representative of the sinful state of Israel; and greater mankind.
      • The fact that this scroll with indeed enter into the wicked persons house and consume all those within with smoke and fire shows that this is a scroll of divine judgment.
        • In fact the angel makes a point to show that this scroll has contains the curse of God.  Therefore, no one will be able to escape the judgment of God.
  • (v. 5-11)–The woman in a basket
    • The basket is huge as well, big enough for a woman to be kept inside.
    • And this woman is certainly not there of her own accord.  The lid to the basket is weighted down with a leaden cover to keep her inside until she has gone out from the land as the angel declares she would.
      • Soon we discover that this woman is Wickedness.  She is the embodiment of the entirety of Israel’s wickedness; all of it boiling down to the sin the idolatry.  For only when one breaks the first commandment can he begin to break the all the rest.  And whenever he breaks the others he has first broken the first.
    • This Wickedness is thrust back down into the the basket and carried off from the people by to seemingly angelic figures.
      • They take her to the land of Shinar (Babylon) in order to house her there; far away from God’s people of Israel.


  • Once again we see the faithfulness of the Lord amidst the unfaithfulness of His people.  They have been taken to Babylon because of their iniquity.  They have been conquered and defeated and shown their sin.  But God has always kept a remnant for them and has always remained faithful to them while bringing them to repentance.  And here we see this very thing.  The scroll will indeed cover everyone and blanket their sin with the judgment of God.  There is no escaping that.  But the iniquity of our wickedness has been, and will always be, taken away.  Not for our sake, but for the sake of Christ.  His be the praise for in Him is our life.

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-Rev. Eli Lietzau, pastor
Faith in Christ Lutheran Church, ABQ, NM


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