Zechariah 4: Visions of a Rebuilt Temple

(14 verses, 1:59 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Zechariah is given a vision of the temple lampstand with two olive trees on either side as an angel interprets the vision for him.


  • The angel came to wake Zechariah from sleep. This is not an uncommon image for visions in the Scriptures. Peter, James, and John were heavy with sleep on the Mount of Transfiguration (Luke 9) and Peter fell into a trance before the vision given him of the animals (Acts 10).
  • The vision was of a golden lampstand (Hebrew: Menorah) with an everlasting supply of oil in bowl on top and seven lamps with seven lips (places for wicks to be placed with the oil). This would have produced 49 (seven times seven) lights. The number seven is often used to indicate completeness in the Bible. These seven lamps represent the seven eyes of the Lord, who keeps watch over all the earth. This lampstand would have stood in the Holy Place in the temple, which was right outside of the Most Holy Place, where the Ark of the Covenant was housed and where God met His people above the wings of the cherubim. The two olive trees would also represent the source of fuel (oil) for the lampstand.
  • The two olive trees are the anointed ones (Hebrew: sons of new oil) who were to serve as leaders of God’s people: Zerubbabel would be the temporal leader, and Joshua would be the spiritual leader. They were anointed by God for the performance of their offices. This meant that the people could hear and obey them, knowing that God was indeed at work through the execution of their office.
  • Today, God still continues His work in the Church through His chosen servants. He sends pastors to congregations in order that the light of the Gospel would continue to shine in the world, which has been darkened by our sin. This, of course, is a function of God’s Word, which is a lamp and a light (Psalm 119:105). As the light of the Word of God shines forth, it reveals to us Jesus Christ, who is Himself the Light of the  World, which the darkness cannot overcome (John 1). The project of the temple being rebuilt ought to direct our hearts and minds to the coming of Christ in the New Testament, as He comes to establish the New Testament Church.


  • Prayer: O God, keep watch over your flock. Enable us to dwell in the light of Your Christ, that we may not fall into the darkness of sin and death. Amen.

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-Rev. Jordan McKinley, pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church, Vallonia, IN

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