Psalm 142: Bring me out of prison

(7 verses, :53 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Psalm 142 is a prayer of David when he hid in a cave while being pursued by King Saul (cf. 1 Samuel 22 or 1 Samuel 24).


  • vv. 1-2 is the cry of David for help from the Lord
  • vv. 3-4 enemies have laid traps and there is none to help
  • vv. 5-7 David seeks refuge in the Lord


  • Here is another wonderful example of how the Scriptures, from beginning to end, teach us that Christ Jesus came to us sinners from death and hell. A David calls out to God to be delivered from His enemies, we see language that portrays dying: David’s spirit faints within him, there is no refuge for him, none cares for his soul, and he is in prison. All of these are images for death in the Biblical text.
  • But as powerful as death is, life is that much more powerful. The language of resurrection here is undeniable. David is to be surrounded by the righteous and is supplied by the Lord’s bounty. This is a clear foreshadowing of what we see pictured in the heavenly throne room in Revelation 7. There, surrounded by those who have the righteousness of Christ, we will be in the presence of our God, who will care for us for all eternity.


  • Prayer: Heavenly Father, apart from you, none can rescue us from the prison of sin and death. Strengthen our hearts and minds with the knowledge that Christ has come and broken the bars of this prison and has set us at liberty. Grant that we may see You face to face in your eternal kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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