Zechariah 2: The Vision of the New Jerusalem


(13 verses, 1:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

Zechariah’s third vision which he received from the Lord, in about 520 BC.


Zechariah sees a vision of a man with a measuring line who is going out to measure the city of Jerusalem.  A similar vision was seen by the prophet Ezekiel (40:3) and also by St. John in the Revelation (21:15-17).

The angel tells Zechariah that the city of Jerusalem will be a city without walls and will be protected all around by a fire of the Lord.  This of course never happens in the history of man, as Jerusalem has a wall to this day.  This is a theological proclamation of the Holy Christian Church, a Jerusalem without walls and, as John writes in Revelation a city of “every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Rev. 7:9).  The inhabitants are protected in the Church from sin, death, and hell, the most formidable of foes, conquered in Jesus death and resurrection.

Here in Zechariah 2 the Lord admonishes his ancient people to take refuge in his city, where his word and promises are to be found.  Up! Up! he says (vs. 6) and encourages his people to come from the northlands and Babylon, which represented paganism and unbelief, back to Zion.

God himself will dwell in the midst of his city, for there in the midst of the city stood the Holy Temple where his presence dwelt.  This temple stood for a time in history, and is now fulfilled and superseded by the body of Jesus, who is the eternal temple (John 2:19). He dwells in the midst of his people, the Church by the proclamation of his word and the administration of his Sacraments.  John writes in Revelation 21:22 “and I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb.”


God dwelt among his ancient people with his presence in the tabernacle and temple.  Now he dwells among his Church in word and sacrament – his promises, his body and blood, and the washing of regeneration.  In this sacramental presence we await the day when Jesus will make all things new, when we will see Jesus face to face.


Pr. Brandon Ross

Faith Lutheran Church

Johnstown, Colorado



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