Psalm 140: Save Me from Evil Men


What I am about to READ

Psalm 140 cries out to God to save from the lying tongues and deceitful schemes of men.  One’s trust is ultimately in God who delivers from all evil.


If we turn to 2 Samuel, we read about the various plots of “evil men” who sought to kill David or usurp his throne.  This psalm, written by David seems to come out of that experience.  This psalm also serves as a Christian prayer for deliverance from evil men, evil in general, and especially the evil one, Satan.

David addresses the Lord as “my Lord.” This is a key to understanding faith and trust.  It is one thing to have a god, it is entirely another thing to believe that that god is for you and has your best interest at heart, and is able to help in time of trouble.  Relationship with the true God is not built upon demands for homage and tribute, although we do owe him those things, but upon God’s gracious action to us in saving, redeeming, and especially loving.

This psalm is an “imprecatory” or “curse” psalm calling down the wrath of God upon one’s enemies, in this case, the evil men who hunt David.  It is important to remember that feelings of hatred will come to Christians also in their lives under cross and persecution.  These psalms give expression to our human feelings which accompany those times, and God has graciously provided the very language to give expression to our feelings. Jesus says that we should pray (even though we don’t feel like it!) for our enemies and for those who curse us.


Lord Jesus, even as evil men mocked you, beat you, spat on you, and crucified you, you did not curse them but continued to pray for them even from the cross “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Give me the grace that even as others mock me and seek my life for your sake, I would hate the evil being done to me, but love those who hurt me even as your apostle has written “be angry and do not sin.”  For your sake I pray.  Amen.


Pr. Ross


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