Acts 22: Paul’s Unsuccessful Sermon

Reposted from Pastor Wolfmueller

(30 verses, 3:25 to read)


What I am about to READ

Paul gives a sermon to a crowd outside of the Roman barracks in Jerusalem.  He tells the crowd of his former life in Judaism, and of his conversion on the road to Damascus by seeing the Lord Christ (Acts 9).  Paul relates that God sent to him Ananias, who told him of his greater purpose in the Christian Church, and exhorted Paul to repentance and baptism.

The crowd does not like what Paul has to say and is moved by his words not to faith but to death threats to Paul.  The preaching of the cross of Jesus will always encounter opposition.

Paul’s Roman citizenship saves him momentarily from a flogging, but it will not save him from his ultimate end of being killed for the faith in Rome.

Lord Jesus you appeared to the apostle Paul and sent him to Ananias, that he would speak the gospel to him.  Send us also to your Church that we may hear your words of Law and Gospel from the mouth of your preachers, that we may repent and believe the good news of your death and resurrection for us.  Amen.



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