Psalm 134: Come, Bless the Lord


(3 verses, .0097 second to read)

What I am about to READ

This is the second shortest psalm after Psalm 117.  It is also the last of the “songs of ascent,” pilgrim psalms which the children of Israel sang on their way to Jerusalem to keep festivals.


The “servants of the Lord” was a generic term for the priests of the tabernacle and temple, who were charged not only with sacrificing animals in accordance with levitical law, but also the guarding of the temple and the watching over it, as we read in verse one, they “stand by night in the house of the Lord.”

Worshippers were encouraged in verse two to lift up their hands to the holy place, the first chamber of the temple which contained the bread of the presence, the candlestick, and the incense table.  These were signs of God’s continued presence among his people and were only eclipsed by the Most Holy Place, which contained the Ark of the Covenant.

Zion is closely associated with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Zion was the place where God would bring blessings to the whole world and indeed that was the place where God’s sacrifices and teaching took place for centuries.  The Lord blessed us indeed with these things.  Just down the hill from Mount Zion God would accomplish the ultimate blessing for the sake of the whole world in the sacrifice of Jesus.


Lord you have made us priests in the washing of water with your word.  Make us ever faithful to our callings as priests that we may stand even by night in your house and bless you all our days.  May we lift up holy hands to you and bring prayers and petitions on behalf of our neighbors in need.  Even as we pray and bless you, come to us and bless us with your word of forgiveness for the sake of Jesus. Amen.


Pr. Ross

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