Psalm 133: When Brothers Dwell in Unity


(3 verses, 0:15 to read)

What I am about to READ

A psalm of praise for brothers dwelling in unity.


v. 1: Praise of brotherly unity

v. 2: Brotherly unity compared to precious oil

v. 3: Brotherly unity compared to the dew of Hermon.


This is a psalm of ascent, which the Israelites would have prayed as they approached Mt. Zion. Thus, the “brothers” mentioned here are spiritual kinsmen, i.e. believers in the Lord. The first verse explicitly praises this unity; it implicitly encourages us to seek after this unity where it may be missing. This in no way suggests comprising God’s word for the sake of unity. Rather, unity is the natural result of dwelling in God’s pure doctrine.

The first comparison (v. 2) would have meant a great deal to the Israelites, as they would have recalled the anointing of Aaron (Exodus 29:7). The oil symbolized the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and here we have a picture of abundant oil running down Aaron’s beard and robes. Brotherly unity is a gift from God Himself. It’s a wonderful blessing to behold.

The second comparison (v. 3) is taken from nature. Mt. Hermon, which apparently had heavy amounts of dew, is located several hundred miles to the north of Mt. Zion. However, this verse is not intended to be a meteorology lesson but a poetic illustration of brotherly unity. In other words, brothers dwelling in unity is like dew that descends from heaven, which refreshes and enlivens God’s people.


Unity is not man-made. Unity is a gift of God. It is to be praised where it is present and sought after where it is absent.

What is it that unifies? Faith in Jesus Christ unifies. Not just any notion of faith, but faith in the “sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Timothy 6:3; look at 6:5 while you’re at it).

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Sub Cruce,

Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.

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