Psalm 132: The Lord Swore to David a Sure Oath

(18 verses, 1:35 to read)


What I am about to  READ

  • A Psalm, perhaps written by Solomon, confessing the gift of the ark of the covenant in Jerusalem.


  • 1-5: Solomon’s promise to God to find a dwelling place for Him.
  • 6-7: Call to worship at this dwelling place of God.
  • 8-10: Prayer for the Lord to go to His promised resting place.
  • 11-12: The Lord’s promise to David that He will dwell in a body of one of David’s son.
  • 13-18: The Lord’s choosing of Zion to be His dwelling place


  • There are a couple of interesting play on words in this Psalm that emphasizes both the creativity of the Psalmist and the distinction of Law and Gospel.
  • Notice that this Psalm begins with a promise and a swear from David to the Lord (vs. 2) and then proceeds to a promise and swear from the Lord to David.  Both are quite important, but they are not equal in weight.  It is only because the Lord has promised to dwell with His people that David can swear to the Lord that he will find that dwelling place.  Furthermore, man’s promise is rarely certain whereas the Lord’s promise is a “sure oath” (vs. 11).  Even more, this dwelling of the Lord in the ark of the covenant points to the greater dwelling the Lord will have in the body of one of David’s offspring.
  • The other play on words comes within the word “clothing.”  Vs. 9 is a prayer to be clothed with righteousness.  Vs. 16 is our Lord’s answer to that prayer.  Vs. 18 is the promise that the Lord will clothe the enemies of the Son of David with shame.


  • Because of the dwelling of God in the flesh and His death and resurrection, you are clothed with His righteousness through your Baptism.  He was shamed for you so that He might cover your shame.   You are a member of His Zion, His Church, wherein He has chosen to dwell with His Word.
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Christopher Stout, Pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Kannapolis, NC & Abundant Life Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC

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