Ezekiel 48: “The Lord is There” An Appropriate Name for God’s City and God’s Son in the Incarnation

(35 verses, 2:37 to read)



  • 1-29: A couple of notes here on distribution of land.  First, if you really want, you can compare this list with allotment of land in Joshua 14-21.  One major difference is that in Joshua, the lands is proportioned differently for each tribe (based on size), here the land is proportioned equally among all tribes.
    • Consider especially what all has happened between the two lists.  This reading is a sermon preached to those in exile, to a people carried away from their home, and it is again promising that God’s people will be gathered, received His blessings, and live in a New Heaven and New Earth and a beautiful, resurrected body.  We groan and wait for the time when we are all gathered to be with Jesus, the One who was born and died for us, forever and ever.
    • I think it’s also worth noting that there is still private property, so to say, in this list.  Each tribe is specifically marked out.  There’s also order and work in this list.  These are good things.
    • Finally, the immense amount of space marked out should remind us of all the promises of the saints unnumbered, that no one could count, as sands on the seashore, as stars in sky, etc.  If you feeling alone as a Christian, be comforted by this truth: there’s a lot of Christians that you’ll be gathered with in the resurrection – past, present, and future.
  • The summary of summary’s: “And the name of the city from that time on shall be, The Lord Is There.”
    • As you read this and consider Christ’s nativity, be comforted that our Lord dwells with us.  He dwelt with Adam and Eve.  He dwelt among Moses and His Israelites.  He dwelt in the tabernacle, in the temple, among His scattered and exiled people through His Word preached by the prophets.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among His people as God and man in the incarnation, birth, death, resurrection, and still dwells as Ascended Lord among us now as God and man.  “The Lord is There.”  What a comforting name for a city, for a Church, for His Word, for His Sacraments, and especially as you meditate on the body and teaching of Jesus: our Immanuel, God with us.  In Him, the Lord is There.
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Christopher Stout, Pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Kannapolis, NC & Abundant Life Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC

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