Psalm 123: Look to the Lord


(4 verses, 0:25 to read)

What I am about to READ

  • A psalm about trusting in the Lord in the midst of worldly oppression.


  • 1-2: Looking to God, waiting patiently for His mercy.
  • 3-4: A cry to the Lord for mercy.


  • 1 – The psalmist lifts up his eyes to the Lord. He knows that the hand of God provides for His people. Thus, the psalmist turns to the only true source for help in time of need; he looks to God.
  • 2 – The psalmist is not speaking individually but corporately. He’s speaking for the whole congregation. He likens the relation that the Church has with God to the relationship of a servant to his master, or a maidservant to her mistress. Both he and the congregation depend upon the Lord completely. They depend upon His great mercy.
  • 3-4 – “Have mercy upon us” is repeated for emphasis. Asking the Lord for mercy is the motivation behind this prayer. And then we learn something about the situation these people were in: they are in the midst of scorn, contempt, and oppression.


  • How might a person today be suffering the scorn of those who are ease? What about the contempt of the proud?
  • This psalm is an excellent prayer for anyone suffering worldly oppression. It’s a great example of enduring faith in the midst of suffering. Faith always looks to the Lord, trusting in His mercy.

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Sub Cruce,
Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.


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