Acts 6: Seven Deacons Appointed and One Deacon Arrested

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(15 verses, 2:20 to read)

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  • The apostles appoint deacons to help with the distribution of mercy to the poor. Steven, one of the deacons, is so wise in the Scriptures that he is arrested and brought before the council.


  • The chapter has two major divisions:
    • 6:1-7, The appointment of seven deacons for the Jerusalem congregation.
    • 6:8-15, Steven’s teaching, arrest, and the beginning of his trial before the Sanhedrin.


  • 6:4 reminds us that vocation of pastor involves the work of preaching, teaching, and the distribution of the sacraments, but that the church also has the freedom and joy to make arrangements regarding the distribution of help and service.
  • The deacons, it seems, were ordained from more than mercy in 6:6 with the laying on of hands. This is seen in teh teaching of Steven and the baptizing of Philip (Acts 8).
  • In 6:8ff we see that the church of the antichrist cannot rejoice in the Lord’s Word, but has to fight against it. The description of Steven’s trial reminds us of the trial of Jesus, but in this case the Sanhedrin does not hand Steve over to the governor for crucifixion, but takes up stones to do the work themselves.
  • Note 6:15, the face of Steven was like the face of an angel. What this means in not exactly clear, but it is given to us as proof of Steven innocence and peace when facing false charges.


  • We delight in the Scriptures, and in learning them. Sometimes we are called to confess our faith, and other times we are called to suffer for it. Steven is our example in both, making the bold confession of Christ, and enduring with calm patience the affliction that is brought on him because of it.

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