Ezekiel 43:  The Lord’s Glory Returns to the Temple


(27 verses, 4:30 to read)

What I am about to READ

The glory of the Lord returned to the temple. Sacrifices are continually offered there.


Because of Israel’s sin and rebellion, the glory of the Lord had departed from the temple, leading to its destruction along with the city of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians. Now the glory of the Lord returns to the temple. See the parallel with the heavenly Jerusalem in Revelation 21:22–23.

3-4: Ezekiel thinks back to the vision he saw in chapter 10, in which the glory of the Lord departed from the temple prior to Jerusalem’s destruction by the Babylonians. The temple had been destroyed because of Israel’s wickedness. Now the opposite is happening. Check out Ezekiel 10:19. Notice that earlier the glory of the Lord had departed via the east gate. Now it returns the same way.

5-7: The Lord promised that He would swell in the midst of His people forever. By His grace, through faith in Jesus, Israel (all believers) would never again defile God’s holy name.

10-11: Ezekiel was to describe the new temple to the Israelites. The hope was that when the people saw the new design they would realize God’s grace and goodness and understand that although they had forsaken God, He had not forsaken them. They would be ashamed of their sins. The gospel would create in them a new heart and mind. They would seek to be holy in service to the Lord. They would want to shape their lives so they matched the perfect design and regulations of the new and perfect place God was preparing for them.

11-27: Dimensions and instructions for the new temple.


Something interesting…the structure of this new temple and the rituals performed in it are somewhat similar to those described in Moses’ laws. But there are differences. The altar seems to be the focal point of the temple, rather than the Ark of the Covenant. This may indicate the New Testament truth that the Old Testament ceremonial law is no longer in force and that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is the center of our faith. We can only speculate, however, about these kinds of details. It is interesting nonetheless.

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Sub Cruce,

Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.


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