Acts 1: Christ Sends and Ascends

(26 verses, 1:45 to read)


What I am about to READ

Christ commissions the Apostles and ascends into heaven. The apostles choose one to replace Judas.


  • 1-3: Luke’s introduction
  • 4-5: Instructions from Christ
  • 5-11: Christ’s last words and ascension to the right hand of the Father
  • 12-26: Matthias, Judas’ replacement, is chosen.


The book of Acts serves as a comforting and very interesting record of the conclusion of the transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament. In Luke’s “first book”, the long-awaited Christ had come in the flesh, lived, suffered, died, been buried, and had risen from the dead for the forgiveness of mankind and their justification. After His resurrection, He begins commissioning the disciples as His “sent ones”, the Apostles by giving them special spiritual gifts and signs to prove their words were true. Now in Luke’s “second book” we see that that same Christ continues to appear to the disciples before fulfilling His promise to ascend to the Father so that the Great Comforter might come. So the apostles are sent as true eye witnesses to what Jesus said and did. We know that Christ is not here leaving them. In Matthew’s Gospel, we have the promise that He will be with His Church forever. In the book of Acts, we begin to see how that will be.

After the ascension we have the listing of the Twelve minus Judas and the interesting act of selecting one to replace Judas. Peter, seemingly speaking in his role as first among equals, reasons from the Scriptures that this must take place. No one is selected willy-nilly. There are very strict requirements for the man to fill this office. Once the field had been narrowed to Joseph/Barsabbas/Justus and Matthias, and prayer had been offered, lots were cast to make the final selection.


Let us pray:

We thank you, Lord, that you do not leave or forsake us. We pray that you would lead us to seek where you may always be found in your Word and Sacrament. In your holy name we pray. Amen.

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-Pastor Weslie Odom


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