1 John 5 – Spirit, Water, and Blood

Reposted from Pastor Ross

(15 verses, 1:45 to read)


What I am about to READ
John describes the Christian life as one of victory over the world, but a victory that is only secured by faith in Jesus Christ.  John encourages our faith by testifying to Jesus, he who comes by “water and the blood.”


The one who loves God keeps the commandments of God.  This is a blessed thing to do and love the commandments of God. Lest anyone should doubt that the Christian life should be one of love and good works to the neighbor, John testifies plainly that everyone who has been born of God loves also those who have been born of God.  This is accomplished however not by sheer will, or adhering to the teaching of Moses, but by faith in the Son of God who released from all sin, the power that overcomes the world, our faith (vs. 5).

This faith is accomplished through Jesus, he who came “by water and the blood.” Probably meaning the baptism in the Jordan and his cross and passion.  These are the places where Jesus came and stood as the perfect substitution for us, standing in our place where we would have only failed.  John also testifies in his Gospel to the blood and water that poured from the dead body of Jesus on the cross, suggesting the two primary sacraments, to which the Spirit agrees and testifies to the total redemptive work of Jesus.

Through these means God “gave us eternal life” (vs. 11) which is apprehended through faith in the Son.  John writes here, as he does in his Gospel, that we may believe in the name of Jesus and have life in his name.


Lord Jesus, by your baptism in the Jordan and your bloody baptism on the cross you have secured salvation for the world.  Help me to never lose the image of your perfect life, death and resurrection on my behalf.  Build in me a faith and trust that does not waver, but ever holds fast to your blessed word and Holy Sacraments.  For the sake of your holy wounds O Jesus, Amen.


Pr. Ross


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