Psalm 113: In Praise of God’s Mercy

(9 verses, :40 to read)


What I am about to READ

This Psalm shows the absolute uniqueness of the One, True God through His mercy towards sinners.


1-3: Praise and blessing to the Name of the true God

4-9: The almighty Lord deigns to be with mankind in mercy


As the mercies of the Lord never cease, neither do the praises of His chosen people. The immeasurable greatness of the gift of God in Christ Jesus, the one who raises the poor, lifts the needy, and restores the joy of the barren in the forgiveness of sins is the subject of the Psalm. 


We pray: 

Dear Father in heaven, Your mercies are new every morning and never cease. Grant that we always receive your mercy by faith until you send Your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, to bring us to be with you in the true life with the Holy Spirit forevermore. Amen.

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– Pastor Weslie Odom


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