Ezekiel 31:  The Cedar in Lebanon


(18 verses, 3:40 to read)

What I am about to READ

This entire chapter is the fifth oracle. Here the Lord reminds the pharaoh of Egypt about a former world empire, Assyria, and what had happened to it.


2: It this vision applies to Egypt. We are working through prophecies God gave to Ezekiel around the time Jerusalem fell, when Babylon was besieging Tyre and shortly before it advanced south against Egypt.

3-9: God uses the picture of a cedar of Lebanon, a towering tree famous in the ancient world for its wood. It was the tallest natural object in the world, and in the days before skyscrapers and airplanes, it was second only to the pyramids in Egypt. In its branches lived a large community of animals.

10-17: In a short time the entire Assyrian Empire passed over to the control of Babylon. Its other (dependent) kingdoms and all who took shelter under its protection were left alone, and they deserted Assyria.

18: “Eden”— Eden is a symbol of all that is lush and beautiful. Lord applies this to Egypt. Egypt was more beautiful than Assyria, yet because of its pride it would be destroyed. Assyria was like a mighty cedar of Lebanon. Because of that empire’s pride, the Lord cut it down. The same would happen to Egypt.


When a nation becomes proud, ruthless toward other world powers, and, we might add, displays other forms of immorality associated with economic advance, the Lord has a way of humbling that nation. Because the United States is a dominant world power, Christians should pray that the Lord will lead us to use our resources for the spread of the gospel and not simply to satisfy our desire for wealth like the people in the world around us.

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Sub Cruce,

Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.


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