2 Thessalonians 3: Paul’s Closing Concerns

Reposted by Pastor Ross


(17 verses, 2:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

  • Paul asks for prayer, instructs about idle believers and offers a prayer of benediction.


  • Above all, Paul asks for prayer that the “word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored.”  Indeed this one of the ways that the saints assist in the promulgation of God’s word, through prayer and intercession.  Especially prayer for God’s preachers like Paul.
  • Paul warns against those who are idle and do not conform to the manner of the apostles.  He instructs them to learn from his own example of how to provide for one’s self and not to be a burden on others.  Those who are idle or who are “busybodies” should be avoided by the congregation of believers so that they may repent.


  • Lord, you have given me a holy calling in life.  Help me to conduct myself toward my neighbor and family as befits one who is forgiven in the blood of Jesus.  Help me to work and pray not begrudgingly but thankfully and full of joy in your Son’s resurrection.  Amen

Questions? Comments? Post below.

Pr. Ross

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