Ezekiel 29: A Prophecy Against Egypt

(21 verses, 3:31 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Ezekiel is given a prophecy Egypt


  • vv. 1-5– the prophecy begins with a riddle.
  • vv. 6-16–the prophecy begins to make sense.
  • vv. 17-20– Babylon will prosper at Egypts expense.
  • v. 21–a horn of salvation.


  • vv. 1-5–This chapter is a continuation of the 7-fold prophecy against Egypt.  Egypt, unlike the other six nations which God prophecies against, is a great and formidable nation; a world player the likes of Babylon.
    • Though Egypt thinks herself great, though she is mighty and many nations look to her for aid and fear her for her strength, God will indeed put her down.
    • There is not a thing even great and mighty Egypt can do to save her from the coming wrath.
      • God is going to execute judgment upon Egypt because they sought to hinder His plan in using Babylon to capture Jerusalem and chasten His people.
  • vv.6-10–King Zedekiah, and therefore Jerusalem as whole, looked to Egypt for help and aid when the Babylonians came to exact God’s judgment upon His people.
    • The Egyptians wavered and gave way just like a reed under the weight of a man. A strong as Egypt might have seemed through temporal eyes, she could not stand against the Babylonians because God was using them for His good.
    • Yet because they sought (unwittingly or not) to fight against the Lord they will be punished.
      • God will crush them.  And for 40 years (symbolic number of fulness) they will be nothing.
    • When they return, licking their wounds, they will be nothing as before.  They will never again be anything but a minor power.
  • vv.17-20–This part of the prophecy speaks directly to Babylon and king Nebuchadnezzar.  They were God’s instruments in punishing Tyre and yet they found no treasure or plunder for their work.  And so now they will plunder Egypt, a nation far more powerful and therefore far richer than Tyre.  The plunder that they receive from Egypt will be their payment in fulfilling the work of God (even if they were oblivious to it).
  • v. 21–And yet, there is always a “yet”, God has not left His people without hope.  He will bring up for them a horn.  This horn speaks of strength and kingship.  Except it is not the strength and kingship that Israel would expect.  The strength on this horn is its weakness and its kingship rides upon a humble donkey.  It is Christ the Lord!  (Lk 1:69)


  • Prayer: O Lord, by Your almighty power, You overcome the wicked no matter how strong.  Grant that we might recognize your authority in heaven and earth over all things.  May ways in this temporal world be for our salvific good, that all things might lead us to Christ and His salvation.  Through the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

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-Rev. Eli Lietzau
Faith in Christ Lutheran Church, ABQ, NM


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