Psalm 105: A Thankful Summary of the Lord’s Merciful Works

(45 verses, 3:50 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Psalm 105 is a call to give thanks to the Lord for all His wonderful works.


  • In a way this Psalm is a summary of the books of Moses. It starts with a general call to give thanks to the Lord (1-6).
  • Next (7-11) is God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His care for the fathers (12-15).
  • The account of Joseph is detailed (16-22), as well as the Israelites’ success in Egypt (23-25).
  • The Ten Plagues are brought forth (26-36), followed by the Exodus (37-38), God’s presence in the cloud and fire to guard the people and His provision of quail, manna and water in the wilderness (39-42).
  • The Psalm finishes by recalling why the Lord did all these things for His people, “that they might keep His statutes and observe His laws (42-45).


  • This Psalm in particularly interested in us knowing and remembering the sacred history of Israel, which is the history of the Lord’s mercy and our redemption. The Lord is good an merciful then, so He is good and merciful now.
    Our faith is an historical faith. God is not some sort of abstract idea, but Three Persons interacting with us through real things in real time and space. That these events are real history is indispensable to our Christian thinking.


  • The Old Testament people’s faith were always directed back to the great works of God accomplished long ago. This is also true with us. When we want to know the Lord’s love, we don’t look to our current circumstances, but the the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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-Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller


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