Psalm 97: The Judgment of God

(12 verses, 1:02 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The Lord comes to judge the world.


  • The Lord Appears for Judgment (1-3)
  • All Nations Behold It (4-6)
  • The Reaction of Unbelievers and Believers (7-9)
  • This Gives His People Hope and Joy (10-12)


  • Clouds and thick darkness…fire…lightnings…melt like wax…The opening verses paint a terrifying picture for those who are the Lord’s enemies when He comes in judgment. No one can endure the Lord’s wrath.  This will not be done in secret – the whole world will behold His judgment.
  • On that day all the idolaters are put to shame. Their idols (whatever they had put their fear, love, and trust in above all things) will be revealed to be what they were all along – worthless.  On that day their idols will not be able to rescue them.
  • Yet the believers will rejoice on that day. They will look on this day with joy because they know that all their sins have already been judged in Christ. For them the day is not one of fear and foreboding, but one of joy and delight.  The Lord has come just as He promised and He has come for His people.
  • So the only reaction for God’s people is to praise Him for He has filled them with hope and joy. Their Hope did not and will not disappoint them.


  • Our hope is in the return of Christ. That day is not one of fear for us because we hear the promise of Christ- that He will return and that the end of the Christian is not doom and horror and hell, but rather eternal life and the resurrection of our bodies. This promise gives us the hope to gaze steadily in faith at Christ and the glory that awaits us while we suffer on the earth. And even now our faith and hope on this grace given through His means– given through His Word and Sacrament – because it is through these means that He will bring us through this vale of tears and bring us safely to Him on the last day!

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-Pastor Andrew Packer


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