John 17: Jesus Prays for His Church

(Reposted from Pr. Ross)

(26 verses, 2:30 to read)

What I am about to READ

Jesus prayer in these verses, sometimes called the “High Priestly Prayer” is a prayer to the Father on behalf of his Church.


The glory the Jesus speaks of in the beginning of the prayer is nothing else than the cross, which he will endure in the coming hours.  This is the glory that Jesus had “before the foundation of the world.” In John’s gospel, the glory of Jesus is explicitly the suffering that he will endure for the salvation of the world, now that Jesus “hour had come.” (See John 12:28).

In Jesus’ prayer, we understand that Jesus has come from the Father and that by faith we are united to the Son and the Father through the word that Jesus preached.  This union is nothing other than forgiveness, life, and salvation.

Jesus prays for the unity of the Church, asking the Father that “they may be one, even as we are one.” This unity is not seen.  Christendom is so divided in matters of doctrine that it would seem impossible to say that there is one, united Church. Yet by faith we confess that there are, even among those who teach differently, those who are united to Jesus by faith. This is not to downplay the errors that are taught by these sects, of which they must repent.  We do not see “who” is in the Church, but we can see “where” the Church is, that is where she manifests herself in the pure teaching of God’s word and the administration of Christ’s sacraments.


Lord Jesus you were glorified on the cross that dark Friday afternoon, where your suffering and death has become the glory of your Church.  Lord grant that we would be one even as you and the Father are one.  Send your Holy Spirit that we would come together in the pure doctrine of the scriptures, and that we would all share in the salvation which you have purchased for us.  Amen.


Pr. Ross

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