Psalm 95: Let Us Sing to the One, True God

(11 verses, 1:05 to read)


What I am about to READ

A song of praise for the Christ.


Praises sung to the Lord (1-5)

True worship of the Lord (6-11)


Luther on Psalm 95:

“The 95th Psalm is a prophecy of Christ; the Letter to the Hebrews extensively treats it as a prophet of the time of the New Testament and of the voice of the Gospel. In short, the psalm teaches and calls us to Christ and to the Word of God, to true worship. The psalmist warns us by the example of the faithless fathers in the wilderness, who also did not come into the promised land on account of their unbelief and contempt for God.

You must, however, apply the entire psalm to Christ: He is Himself the God whom we are exhorted to worship. He has made us and is our shepherd, and we are His sheep. He is the one who tested the unbelieving father, as Paul in I Corinthians 10:9 also states. From henceforth He will receive no Mosaic worship, but instead faith, joyful preaching, praise, and thanksgiving.”

Reading the Psalms with Luther (Concordia, 2007) p. 226


This Psalm is perhaps best know to modern Lutherans for its inclusion in the service of Matins. It becomes for the Christian, then, a song in praise of Christ throughout the day, regardless of the circumstances of life.

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– Pastor Weslie Odom


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