John 16: Christ Promises to Send the Holy Spirit


(33 verses, 04:05 to read)

What I am about to READ

Jesus prophesies about His death, resurrection, ascension and the sending of the Holy Spirit in order to strengthen and comfort His disciples.


1: “I have said all these things to you to keep you from falling away.” Here Jesus refers to what He said in 15:18-27.

2-6: “These things” in verse 4 refer to what Jesus has just said in vv. 2-3. The hatred of the world will result in excommunication/banishment from the synagogue and even martyrdom. The hour is coming when the disciples will stand alone, without Jesus visibly present. They will preach Christ and Him crucified. Thus, they will then feel the full brunt of the world’s hatred which was once directed specifically at Jesus. When the hour comes (v. 2) the disciples will recall what Jesus foretold and their faith will be strengthened.

7-15: Jesus promises to send the Comforter/Helper/Holy Spirit. There will be a tremendous benefit for the disciples when Jesus completes His mission and returns to the Father. The Spirit comes to proclaim law and gospel throughout the world. He will guide the disciples into all truth. The Spirit will glorify Christ through the disciples’ preaching of Christ crucified for sinners.

16-19: The time for His crucifixion is near: SORROW. The time for His resurrection is near: JOY.

23-24: Up until this point the disciples had relied entirely on Jesus who was present physically. When Jesus leaves them, they will pray directly to the Father in His name. Through faith in Jesus the disciples have direct access to the Father. Christ is their mediator and intercessor.

25-32: Jesus taught the disciples using “figure of speech” When the Holy Spirit comes these “figures of speech” will be made clear and plain.

33: Jesus prepares the disciples for the tribulation that will come to them sue to the hatred of the world. Yet, through faith in Him the disciples will have peace.


Jesus has overcome the world! Through His death, resurrection, and ascension He has completed the mission that the Father sent Him to accomplish. Through grace by faith Christ’s victory of the evil and hate filled world is given to you. The Holy Spirit continues to this very day to glorify Jesus by proclaiming Christ and Him crucified.

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Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.


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