John 15: Vines, Branches, Friends, Persecution & the Holy Spirit

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(27 verses, 3:24 to read)


What I am about to READ 

  • Jesus as the vine and His Christians as the branches have specific application.  This includes, among other things, both loving each other and being hated by the world.


  • 1-11: Jesus is the true vine, His Christians are the branches and His Father the Vinedresser
  • 12-17: Commandment to love on another and proclamation that we are Jesus’ friends and not His servants because 1.) He will lay down His life for us and 2.) He reveals to us what He is doing through His Word.  This is also a foundational section for the true teachings on monergism (I chose you) and prayer (bear fruit by asking the Father in Jesus’ name).
  • 18-25: As we are connected with the vine, we, as the branches, can also expect the same treatment from the world that the vine received and receives.
  • 26-27: Persecuted by the world, Jesus gives His Christians a Helper, the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit, among many other works, will help by working for the Christian the works proclaimed in todays entire reading. As the Holy Spirit bears witness about Jesus and uses the apostles teaching to bear witness about Jesus (that’s our New Testament right there!), He helps the Christian abide in Jesus through Jesus’ Word, receive strength and life from Jesus as a branch receives such from the vine, ask God in prayer and bear fruit for themselves and others by that asking, receive the truth that the Christian is clean because of Jesus’ word, helps the Christian abide in the Fathers love, etc.


  • vs. 14, “You are my friends…” – This proclamation is intimately tied with Jesus’ death, the revelation through God’s Word of what the death of Jesus gives, and prayer.  The Lord makes it no secret what He was doing in sending His Son.  There is much mystery in it, but it isn’t a secret.  We know the promises that come because of Jesus’ death, resurrection, ascension, and session at the right hand of God the Father.  Even more, we are not only privy to these divine mysteries of the King and Master, but are also invited to ask favors from the King and Master.


  • Ask.  Ask knowing that, by grace, the Father hears because His Son calls you friends.  You bear fruit by loving others, especially those whom God has placed around you.  A very specific and wonderful fruit that you bear is by asking God for help on their behalf.  Pray for your non-Christian friends: “As a branch is to the vine, make them Yours and You are mine.”  That is fruit that abides.

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