Psalm 93: The Lord Enthroned

What I am about to READ
  • This short Psalm speaks of the Lord seated on His throne in glory and holiness.


  • The image of the Psalm is the throne room of heaven. The Lord sits on the throne; the waters shout His praises, and the Lord speaks His decrees from this throne.


  • The imagery of the throne of heaven is a bit intimidating. We don’t know about thrones, kings, etc. When we, then, come to texts like this, we are overwhelmed with the power and glory and majesty of God on the throne. But remember that thrones are not only for ruling, but also for judging, for pronouncing judgments. And this is the good part, it is from this throne of holiness and righteousness that the Lord pronounces us righteous and holy. This throne is the mercy seat where we are justified before God.
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