Psalm 91: The Shelter of the Most High

Originally posted by Pastor Andrew Packer

(16 verses, 1:15 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • Psalm 91 is a beautiful confession of trust in the LORD for His protection in the midst of a dangerous and evil world.


  • God Our Protector (1-2)
  • How God Protects Us (3-13)
  • God’s Promises to Us (14-16)


  • Notice the titles used in verse 1 – Most High and Almighty. Both are used to emphasize God’s power and ability to protect you from any harm that may come your way.  It is the One, True God in whom the psalmist trusts. And He is able to protect His people.
  • The LORD protects us from a variety of enemies and circumstances. This includes protection from both physical and spiritual harm.  Luther understood these as primarily dealing with spiritual attacks.
  • Whether physical or spiritual dangers it is important to remember that God protects us through means. He uses parents, teachers, policemen, firemen, etc.  He uses pastors as they shepherd the flock with Word and Sacrament.
  • One of the means He uses to protect us is His holy angels. This is why in both Luther’s morning and evening prayers we pray, “Let Your holy angel be with me, that the evil foe may have no power over me.”
  • After a description of Who are Protector is and how He protects us, the closing of the Psalm proclaims God’s promises regarding His protection and care for us.


  • Walther on angels: Angels led Lot out of Sodom. Angels accompanied Eliezar and Jacob on their journey. Angels protected the camp of the Israelites. Angels guarded Job’s house. Angels held the mouths of the lions so they would not devour Daniel. An angel opened the prison door for Peter and John. Struck down Herod. Surrounded the Syrian army protecting Elisha…It should comfort us to know they are looking out for us – and for the poor and weak…They are our invisible companions.  They never leave us alone. They are with us each night so we can sleep peacefully. They encamp around our home like an army, ready to defend us against all evil.  They are with us each step of the way…They gather around the death bed and bear it up to its heavenly dwellings.

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-Pastor Andrew Packer


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