Ezekiel 13:  Woe to the False Prophets!


(23 verses, 4:07 to read)

What I am about to READ

God exposes the false prophets who deluded the people of Judah.


1-7: The prophets were the only ones who could really repair the broken-down walls of Jerusalem so that it could stand firm in battle. Their tool was God’s Word. If they called people to repentance and faith, the Lord would avert the disaster He threatened. By not proclaiming God’s Word, the prophets were sealing the doom of Jerusalem. By preaching falsely, they were keeping the true prophets from getting through to the people. The same is true today. Unless the law and gospel are preached, there is no hope for the church. It will succumb to the gates of hell.

9: “Nor be enrolled in the register of the house of Israel”—God was going to remove the false prophets from being counted among the Israelites; he would cut them off from his people and not give them the blessings of the Messiah.

11: “Smear it with whitewash”—The prophets were building a flimsy wall by saying that Jerusalem’s walls were solid and strong when they weren’t. Then they whitewashed their lies and made them look beautiful. This was their sin, and for this the Lord would punish them.

13–16: The Lord tells how He would destroy the prophets’ whitewashed wall. He would send the Babylonians to destroy Jerusalem. Then the prophets’ lies would be exposed for what they were, and the prophets themselves would be shown to be false.

18: “The women who sew magic bands . . . and make veils for the heads of persons of every stature, in the hunt for souls”—these women were dabbling in the occult. They pretended to foretell the future and made their living by seducing the people who came to them.

20-23: The women dishearten God’s people. They told the righteous that they were fools and traitors and blasphemers for believing people like Jeremiah who prophesied that Jerusalem (God’s city!) would fall at the hands of Babylon. They encouraged the wicked by dismissing their sins as not deserving of punishment.


There are plenty of examples of false teaching in the world today.  Some teach we are saved by our works. Some dismiss sexual sins as not sinful or not that bad. Some tell Christians who warn people about hell that God would never punish anyone like that, thus implying that such Christians are blasphemers. Their teachings are whitewashed walls and delusions. Unless the whole counsel of God’s Word is preached…unless the pure law and gospel are preached…the church will succumb to the gates of hell. Stand firm, therefore, upon the Word of the Lord. Scripture Alone!

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Sub Cruce,

Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.

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