Psalm 90: Teach Us to Number our Days

(17 verses, 1:37 to read)


What I am about to  READ

  • This is a reflection on our weakness and God’s eternal strength.


  • 1-2: A meditation on who God is: our dwelling, the Creator, and the eternal one.  Thou art God and I am not.
  • 3-11: A meditation on who we are: created ones who have finite bodies, we will die, we are sinners deserving of God’s wrath and yet we can’t even begin to comprehend what that really means, and our life, even though it be quite short, is still full of suffering and trouble
  • 12: Considering all the above, this prayer is a wonderful turning point and prays for a heart and will that is set on God’s promises and Word, because they are eternal.
  • 13-17: Gospel reflections that mirror the Law.  Our life is full of trouble, so we pray for satisfaction and joy from God.  Our life is full of suffering, so we pray that the promises of the resurrection trump these present sufferings.  Our Lord sees our secret sins, so we pray for His unmerited favor to be upon us and establish the works given for us to do in serving our neighbor.  Our works and powers are truly pitiful without God’s grace, and so our hope is in God’s work and power for we, His children.  The Lord says, “Return to the dust” and we pray, “Return, O Lord and raise us up from that dust!”


  • This Psalm, written by Moses, is perhaps the oldest Psalm in the Psalter.
  • vs. 2 & 4 – A thousand years can pass as quickly as nights rest for our Lord.  He is from everlasting to everlasting and yet, in the miracle of miracles, our Lord proclaims to us that He sent His Son to enter this world “in the fullness of time.”


  • vs. 8 – The Lord Jesus sets our iniquities and secret sins before Himself and in the light of His presence.  Now, what will He do with them?  He bears them, dies with them, rises victoriously and declares them removed – even the sins which we are not aware of – for who can really discern his errors?  You will die, yet shall you live forever because the Lord’s favor is upon you, you dwell in Him, and He in you.  You are baptized.  He promises that there will be many more days of joy and gladness in the resurrection than we now have sorrow and sadness.  Return, O Lord!  How long?

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Pastor Christopher Stout


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