John 8: The Undeniable Divinity of Jesus of Nazareth

(59 verses, 3:40 to read)


What I am about to READ

Jesus, through various teachings, repeatedly proves His divinity.


Chapter 7:53-8:11 – It’s possible that the well-known story of the “woman caught in adultery” was not in the original text of John’s Gospel as it is absent from most early manuscripts. This is a tidbit to acknowledge. The text is so well-known and generally beloved because it shows the love Jesus – that is, God – has for sinful mankind. Unfortunately, this story is often misunderstood and summed up as simply “judge not” via Jesus’ famous words in verse 7. The misunderstanding comes in thinking that Jesus doesn’t hate sin, but He does because He’s God and God can’t abide with sinfulness. Thankfully, He’s also true man and in that interaction in the process of bearing the sin of adultery for that woman to His cross so that she might be forgiven. He’s going, in fact, to suffer for her, all those aching to throw the stones, and you and me. It’s absolutely worth comparing this to Jesus’ interactions with the unbelieving Jews later in the chapter, wherein Jesus says, that insofar as they persist in unbelief, they prove themselves to be children of their true father, the Devil!

12-30 – A simply beautiful interaction between Jesus and fellow Jews which finds Christ speaking of the unity of the God and the distinction of the Persons of the Holy Trinity. He also speaks of His impending death and His sinlessness.

31-38 – These words ought to be learned by heart by all Christian! How beautiful! The freedom of the Gospel won thought Christ’s shed blood is on full display as is the believer’s adoption as rightful sons and heirs of eternity.

39-47 – Jesus speaks a harsh word of Law in the hopes of turning hearts. A profound mystery! In verse 46, He shows that in His sinlessness, He Himself could have been the one to cast the stone in the interaction at the beginning of the chapter, yet the Father’s desire is to punish sin fully in Jesus!

48-59 – Yet another amazing statement by Christ proving His divinity through His eternal existence. Those who claim that Jesus never says that He’s God simply haven’t read the Holy Scriptures! The Jews clearly understand that that’s what Christ claims here, which is why they pick up stones to kill him at the conclusion of the chapter.


Article II of the Solid Declaration, On Free Will, of the Formula of Concord is one of the most important texts in the Book of Concord. Ponder the following, which picks up on a text from this chapter of John’s Gospel:

In order to explain this controversy in a Christian manner, according to the guidance of God’s Word, and by His grace to decide it, our doctrine, faith, and confession are as follows:

7] Namely, that in spiritual and divine things the intellect, heart, and will of the unregenerate man are utterly unable, by their own natural powers, to understand, believe, accept, think, will, begin, effect, do, work, or concur in working anything, but they are entirely dead to what is good, and corrupt, so that in man’s nature since the Fall, before regeneration, there is not the least spark of spiritual power remaining, nor present, by which, of himself, he can prepare himself for God’s grace, or accept the offered grace, nor be capable of it for and of himself, or apply or accommodate himself thereto, or by his own powers be able of himself, as of himself, to aid, do, work, or concur in working anything towards his conversion, either wholly, or half, or in any, even the least or most inconsiderable part; but that he is the servant [and slave] of sin, John 8:34, and a captive of the devil, by whom he is moved,Eph. 2:2; 2 Tim. 2:26. Hence the natural free will according to its perverted disposition and nature is strong and active only with respect to what is displeasing and contrary to God.

It’s absolutely worth reading the entire article, or even the condensed version in the Epitome:

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-Pastor Weslie Odom


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