Ezekiel 3: The Prophet a Watchman

(27 verses, 4:05 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • The LORD continues to prepare Ezekiel for His office and work.


Here is a simple outline:

  • 3:1-3, Ezekiel is fed a scroll; the Word of God is in His mouth and belly.
  • 3:4-11, The LORD charges Ezekiel to speak to the people. The prophet’s face is to be as hard as the hardened face of the people.
  • 3:12-15, Ezekiel is lifted up by the Spirit, he hears the song of the angels, and he comes to the Jewish exiles in the Chebar canal in Babylon.
  • 3:16-21, Seven days later the Lord comes with further instructions regarding Ezekiel’s office. He is to be a Watchman for the house of Israel. The Lord will give Ezekiel a word of warning for the people. If he preaches it to the people, then he will be guiltless, but if he fails to preach it to the people, he will be guilty.
  • 3:22-27, Ezekiel is tied up in ropes in his house, and is made mute (except when the Lord gives him a word to speak). So Ezekiel begins with his life to be a picture of God’s judgment on the house of Israel.


  • In God’s appointment of Ezekiel to preach repentance and faith to the Israelites in exile we see a picture of the Lord’s patience and mercy. He desires the salvation of sinners, and sends His Word into all the corners of the world to accomplish this salvation. We give thanks to God for the preaching of Ezekiel, and we pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to use His words to grant us repentance.

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Lord’s Blessings,
Pr Bryan Wolfmueller
Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO


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