Ezekiel 1: The Vision


(28 verses, 4:20 to read)

What I am about to READ

When God’s people fell away from him, He sent them into exile. Yet He prepared Babylon to receive His people, and He sent a prophet to warn and comfort them. The Lord gives Ezekiel confidence by showing that His glory was there also in Babylon.


1:“I was among the exiles”—Ezekiel’s ministry takes place in Babylon, where the Lord had exiled Judah because of its idolatry and rebellion against him. Ezekiel’s work was to tell the exiles not to expect a quick return. Jerusalem would not be spared as they had imagined.

4: “Out of the north”—The enemies of Israel always attacked from the north. Although Ezekiel is in Babylon, the Lord uses this direction to make clear the message of the vision. The armies of the world come out of the north, but the Lord’s glory, acting on behalf of his promises, also comes out of the north, moving and shaping the world’s powers to do his will.

5: “Four living creatures”— We can’t be certain of the identity of the four living creatures, but in the scheme of numbers in the Bible, 4 seems to be the number of the earth. The four faces on the creatures represent the animals and man that God created.

18: “Rims . . . full of eyes”—There seems to be a close association between the eyes and the spirit of the Lord. The same spirit that animated the creatures also animated the wheels (verse 20). Also, in Revelation 5:6 Jesus has seven eyes, which are identified as the seven spirits of God (that is, the Holy Spirit), who goes out into all the world.


God is in control of all things. The future is in the hands of Jesus, who knows and sees all things. He controls the actions of the living creatures who do His will in the world.

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Sub Cruce,

Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.




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