2 Peter 1: Scripture, the Knowledge of God


(21 verses, 3:01 to read)

What I am about to READ

The Apostle Peter reveals that the knowledge of God (the truth of Scripture) is the only solid defense against the false prophets who are sure to come.


  • 1-2: Introduction
  • 3-4: The great gifts of God
  • 5-11: Christians bear fruit (qualities and virtue)
  • 12-15: Christians need a continual reminder of these qualities
  • 16-21: Scripture is sure and certain; Scripture is God’s word!


In this chapter, Peter focuses his readers (who are assumed to be believers) on the true knowledge of God. This knowledge was given to them by God Himself, and will be needed to combat the coming false teachers (chapter 2). The glory belongs to God alone, i.e. divine power (v. 3). Through His great and precious promises, believers become “partakers of” or “ones in fellowship” with the divine nature (v. 4). This does not mean that we are deified or divinized (become gods). Man’s substance doesn’t change into divine substance after conversion. Rather, through faith, man is in fellowship with God. God has given the believer eternal life, holiness and knowledge. The new man created in the believer (1 Peter 1:23) desires to partake in the divine nature instead of partaking in sinful nature/desire. Thus, believers are encouraged to live their lives in faith with virtue and knowledge (v. 5). They do so remembering that all their former sins are cleansed in Christ (v. 9).

Verses 16-21 substantiate that the testimony of the apostolic eyewitnesses is sure and true. In fact, all prophecy of Scripture is God’s word: “men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”


Compare 2 Peter 1 with Romans 6. Peter is not teaching anything strange here. He is teaching about the relationship between faith and good works. Good works are the result of faith. Faith is given (vv. 3-4). Good works follow (vv. 5, ff).

In the ever-present chaos of battles for the bible, we should return to this chapter (especially verses 20-21) over and over again.

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Sub Cruce,
Pastor Kevin Zellers, Jr.


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