1 Peter 2: The Glorious that Is the Church, that is: You

Previously posted by Pastor Wolfmueller.

(25 verses, 3:30 to read)

What I am about to READ
  • Peter continues to teach and comfort the church with the glorious truths of what the church is, and how we live as Christians.


  • An outline of this chapter would be like this:
    • 1-3, replacing sin with a desire for the Lord’s Word
    • 4-8, You are being built into a spiritual house
    • 9-10, You are the people of God
    • 11-12, Which means your lives are to be marked with grace and purity
    • 13-17, A life under authority
    • 18-25, Servants and masters, with the example of the quiet suffering of Jesus


  • We live our lives in the fallen world as the citizens of another kingdom. This means that we suffer the troubles of the world with a Christian nobility, with a heavenly patience, and reflecting the kindness and patience of Jesus. Because we are Christians we live life in a different way, a peaceful and quiet way.


  • Consider the last two verses of the text. Peter cannot help himself from talking about the love and mercy of Jesus. He recalls the suffering and death of Jesus. This is the only place where the Bible tells us to follow the example of Jesus, and it is the example of His quiet suffering (2:21). Jesus is the Shepherd and Overseer of our souls. What a fantastic comfort!
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